Reza Askari is an Iranian entrepreneur and engineer who is the founder and executive chairman of “Ayesh Shir Shomal” company under “Belitsa” trademark and also the founder and chairman of “Belitsa Trading” company in the United Arab Emirates. He was born on the 30th of March, 1977.

First he got associated degree in Dairy Science; then he managed to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Food Industry Engineering and finally graduated in M.SC of International Marketing and Export Management and also certified in DBA.
He has more than 22 years experience in dairy industry manufactures.

British Certifications Inc.

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

Oxford Cert Universal Academy

Executive Master of Business Administration Training Course

International Certification Registrar

The National Conference of Creative Managers and Successful Entrepreneurs of Iranian Brands

Independent European Certification

Entrepreneurial Management

Reza Askari BELITSA TRADING manager at GULFOOD Dubai 2022

Reza Askari BELITSA TRADING manager at GULFOOD Dubai 2022

B2B event to build new international dairy manufactures’ manager relations for dairy Stabilizer and Emulsifier of BELITSA products introduction.

Marketing Capabilities on Exports

An abstract of this book is presented one of the most important elements and concepts of influential factors in the modern marketing procedure. The author has explained the process of a successful marketing by referring to reliable sources in the field of business and management and opinions of prominent theorists.
Marketing is beyond sales, and more importantly, it is knowing and understanding the customer in such a way that the goods and services offered are exactly suitable for the customer’s needs.
In this process, concepts such as need, want, demand, commodity, transaction, exchange, market, and marketing must be explained precisely, and after that, a strategic plan is formulated by drawing goals, and the process of marketing management begins.
For example, General Electric Company, the author has examined the important elements of marketing and in addition has explained topics such as market segmentation, competitive marketing policy and influencing factors in the marketing process.
According to the author belief, sellers of raw materials, intermediaries and brokers, physical distribution units, marketing service agencies, financial institutions, customers, competitors, communities and audience environments in terms of economics, technology and politics, as well as the international trade system, are the most important influential elements. It is in the marketing process that confronts us with a set of challenges and opportunities. And according to these elements, the author has provided solutions for successful marketing in the book (marketing capabilities on exports).

Reza Askari is well versed in Economics, Science and arts such as Poetry

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